» The Nakoa Companies, inc.

The NAKOA Companies, Inc. is a Native Hawaiian Business that embodies cultural and traditional values in its core management system. At the root of its business is its traditional belief in Ke Akua, that spiritual guidance (Ka Haipule) is fundamental to our collective success. The NAKOA Companies, Inc. is guided by (Ka Malama Aina)--caring for the earth and (Ka Malama kai)--caring for the ocean and our water. We believe in building a better place for our community to live comfortably, to work efficiently and play safely. We believe in (Ka Lokahi) or Unity and Balance with our business partners and our employees. We are guided by the principle of (Kina`ole) or Flawlessness in our work practices and are (Pa`ahana) or diligent in our work. Finally, we believe our mission is (Ka Pili Ohana) or to build as a family.

» Core Values

Integrity: Building Trust with our business partners, clients, subcontractors and employees is paramount to our joint success.
Exceptional Service: To our Clients and Customers develops a strong foundation for building a perpetuating base of work.
Superior Product Value: Our products are unique and superior to other products or services on the market
Community: Our value as a company is only as good as community we serve. We strive to hire from the local community and actively participate in events that support our vision and our mission.

» Vision

We provide environmental cleanup services that foster a healthy environment for all of us to safely live in; We maintain, homes and facilities on all islands that provide a fresh and clean environment to live and play in and we build innovative facilities for us to perpetuate new communities that will serve us well into the future.

» Mission

The NAKOA Companies, Inc. mission is to be the number one Native Hawaiian Contractor focused on Environmental Cleanup, Residential and Facility Maintenance, commercial and residential re-modeling and Specialty Construction by developing partnerships with other businesses and providing responsiveness, innovative resources with superior Value that results with a steady growth rate each year.