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1The NAKOA Companies, Inc. also specializes in managing Facility Repair & Maintenance services for clients who have specialized needs for their real assets.  Schools, Condominium Associations and manufacturing plants have employed NAKOA to address their specific needs. 
 Holy Nativity Schools in Aina Haina have used NAKOA to keep their facilities in top running condition.  From Sprinkler system repairs to changing termite eaten doors Nakoa has responded to specific work order requests on a regular basis.  Repairs requiring more time are handled during school intercessions and holiday breaks. 
2In 1999 NAKOA was awarded a contract with the Navy to remove flammable vegetation at their firing range in Marine Corps Base Hawaii that houses a colony of the Red Footed Booby Birds that are an endangered species.  A Design Build Project, NAKOA installed drainage improvements, sprinkler systems and new bird nests in between firing range shut downs.  In 2005 NAKOA installed solor powered, remote controlled fire fighting equipment to fight range fires that endanger the colony each year.

3In 2001, NAKOA was awarded a $900,000 contract to provide repair & maintenance services on the historic Haiku Stairs—better known as the “Stairway to Heaven” in Kaneohe.  Consisting of over 3900 steps in approximately 600 Steel frame modules, the stairs are a popular attraction to both locals and tourists alike.  The trails also contain endangered floral species that are protected by law.  Using a Hughes 500D Helicopter to mobilize men and material to the trails, NAKOA Finished this project ahead of schedule and received a National Award by the  for outstanding performance.
In 2004, NAKOA won a contract to identify, pack and dispose over 34,000 government owned property items on Johnston Atoll as a part of the facility de-activation.  Working closely with CH2MHill, NAKOA completed this project on time and was awarded the coveted SBA Subcontractor of the year award.